Wednesday, April 15, 2015

SpacePunk Party Princess

This past weekend was absolutely full of goodness, as well as some really bittersweet goodbyes, and all the while I looked pretty darn cute!
My bestest best friend and her new husband are moving back up to Alaska, following their recent wedding here in town (for which I performed the ceremony!!), so we were finally able to get together and have our last goodbye. I went up to her parents' house, we chatted, made dinner and had a lovely time. Then we all filed back down into town for another friend's going away party; she is leaving to hike the Appalachian trail, so we had to see her off in a spectacular way!

 I was so pleased with how this look turned out, though I have gotten into the (not so great) habit of only using my phone to take makeup pictures, which I need to stop!! My digital camera is definitely better, so some of the finer details are not really so visible.

Here's the rundown:
Coastal Scents EyeBright undereye concealer
Maybelline DreamMatte powder
Sugarpill 'Poison Plum' to contour
Cute lil star shaped sticky gems applied with DUO lash glue

Wet n Wild Fergie primer
Lid: 'Spookshow Baby' shadow (made by me), applied wet
Crease + Inner eye: Sugarpill 'Poison Plum'
Lower Lashline: Stargazer Neon Pink eyeliner pencil, NYX 'Hot Pink' Primal Color
Liner: Physician's Formula lash boosting liquid liner, NYX 'Crystal Pink' liner
Wet n Wild lengthening mascara

WnW primer
Essence clear mascara
NYX 'Hot Pink' Primal Color

 Jordana 'Silver Lilac' liner
NYX 'Castle' lipstick

I really wish I had better pictures of my outfit, 'cause damnit it was so cute!!
Also, my hair is very different, though it's mostly not quite visible here. I'm going to make a post about that soon!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Corpse Paint look/text tutorial


I have a super quick post to make 'cause I feel like this is important ;)

Recently we had a party and given the theme, I went with some corpse paint. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! I've only done corpse paint a few times, and I just love the freedom and drama that comes with it. Check it out!

Products Used: 

MAC Prep & Prime all over
Barry M Creme Color (White) all over
Barry M colorless setting powder
ULTA matte black shadow to contour

Wet N Wild Fergie primer
ULTA matte black eyeshadow
NYX retractable eyeliner pencil
Maybelline Ultra liquid eyeliner

A few smudges of NYX retractable eyeliner (Black)
Aromaleigh ROCKS! Shadow in Helter Skelter
Barry M stage blood

NYX Lip Liner in Black Bean
Wet N Wild lipstick in Stoplight Red

So many pictures!

Anyway, here's the process~

I applied a thin layer of Prep & Prime, followed by the Barry M cream makeup (with a makeup sponge). Once I had a nice solid color, I set it with the neutral powder.

I put some Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer on my lids and around the eye area, and started in drawing a few basic lines around the eyes with the NYX retractable pencil, just to have a general idea of where I was going with it. Then, I smudged ULTA matte black shadow all over around the eyes, being sure to blend the edges out reasonably, covering all around as thoroughly as possible. 

Now comes the fun part! I used the Maybelline Ultra liner to draw all those great spindly looking lines around my eyes, generally following the layout I had made with the NYX pencil. I filled in areas that needed a little extra oomph (especially around the inner corners of the eyes) and tried to keep both sides even enough.

Then I grabbed my NYX pencil and gave just a few little bits of black into the scar, followed by Helter Skelter shadow, and gently dabbed that around the scar on my eyebrow. I figure, I got this big gnarly awesome scar, why not play it up? The red color was looking great, so I added a touch of fake blood along it to really make it look nice. Success!

The lips were quite basic. I lined and shaped my lips, and filled them in just a tiny bit with the NYX black lipliner. I created the little spiky lines and the line down my chin with eyeliner. Then, I filled in my lips with Stoplight Red lipstick (I love these Wet n Wild lippies btw!).


Monday, February 2, 2015

MBA Cosmetics "Sugar Babies" lip glaze & HD Lip Paint swatches and review

HI again!!

It's been AGES since I made a post, I know. I've just been doing life stuff and the blog has definitely not taken priority, plus I haven't been doing as much makeup lately (or buying as much), though I definitely do have some stuff to show off!

Today I am back with swatches and a little review for My Beauty Addiction, aka MBA Cosmetics.

On the MBA Facebook Page, one can regularly find Fan of the Week giveaways, where the company picks one fan who comments on, likes and/or shares a lot of their stuff, to win a little selection of products from their shop.

I was lucky enough to win a little while back, and I got five of their Sugar Babies Lip Glaze in the colors Stargazer, Burlesque, Medusa, Poison and Indigo. A bit later, I also picked up a Slim Tube of their HD Lip Paint "Indigo" because I can NOT get enough of that color!! Every time I see it on someone I just swoon, so I had to have the lip paint as well.

Both packages came to me safe and sound, all the products were wrapped thoroughly in bubble wrap and nothing was damaged.

The packaging is simple and functional, and the labels on the Sugar Babies are the same as the HD Lip Paint slim tube. They all have a little sticker on them indicating the color, which seems to want to fall off all the time.

The Sugar Babies are in brush-tip applicators that you twist the bottom to dispense. It took quite a bit of twisting to start getting product out, but be cautious, because once that stuff gets going, it GETS GOING! Advance these babies slowly to be sure you don't push out a bunch of product.

These apply well from the brush, but you can always use a different brush or your fingers or some other applicator if you prefer. Since these are a lighter, buttery glaze rather than a thick lipstick, I find that I don't need super precise and perfect application. Lip gloss is easy!

sugar babies lip glaze:

hd lip paint:

The colors really are nice and vibrant. Really, I wasn't expecting a ton of pigmentation from the glazes but I was pleasantly surprised. The swatches on the website are pretty darn accurate, so you can feel secure that the color you see is basically what you will get.

The lip paint is highly pigmented and thick like most lipsticks. As it is a strong color, I suggest using a brush to apply this. Messes would be hellish to clean up! The color is just superb, I really can't say enough how much I love Indigo. Also, as you can see the Lip Paint matches the Sugar Baby perfectly, there is no variation between the color itself.

The Sugar Babies won't last all day, being a more buttery and moisturizing lip glaze. They are not sticky glosses, so be prepared to touch these up as needed.

The lip paints do have some lasting power, especially over a lip primer, but I do not find that they will last through a lot of eating or drinking- like most lipsticks, they are going to fade if you touch them a lot!

I have tried layering the Sugar Babies over the Lip Paint, and found that the Sugar Babies sort of wanted to drag the Lip Paint off my lips with it, so I would not really suggest using this method.

I was really happy with these, and I have ordered a few more lipsticks/lip paints from MBA that I will be swatching for you in the near future.

Thanks for reading. It's great to be back!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Eye look just for funsies- tribute to DeaDNeSS

Hi all!
I was sitting around today and decided to do some makeup for no real reason, and I felt like I wanted to draw some inspiration from a favorite artist of mine, DeaDNeSS on Deviantart. For reference, see the phenomenal pieces below:

The kicker: These are all done in ballpoint pen. So, we know Deadness is a witch. Just sayin.

Anyway, here's what I came up with (I was splendiferously, insanely happy with how this came out, so I took a buttload of pictures).

Products Used

Coastal Scents Eye Bright in Ivory
Maybelline DreamMatte powder

UDPP all over
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy all over
Inner lid/inner lower lashline: Aromaleigh Estranged
Middle lid: TKB Blueberry Pop
Outer lid: Hi-Fi Cosmetics Punk Rock
Very outer corner: Stardust Cosmetics Kitten Pink
Crease/outer lower lashline: TKB Grape Pop
Highlight/inner corner: TKB Hilite Violet, WnW shimmery white
Liner: Maybelline studio master precise felt eyeliner
Lashes: Maybelline GreatLash mascara

Star shaped stickers to mask
Leishi shimmery charcoal black
TKB Trading Grape Pop
Fyrinnae Sakura

WnW fergie eyeshadow primer
Mascara primer
WnW matte black (blue had me at hello palette)
Aromaleigh Teenagekicks

NYX jumbo lip pencil in Nude Pink


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ghost B.C. at the Rialto in Tucson - 4-23-13

Hi again!
In the past few months, thanks to Tim, I have been introduced to a band that's quickly crawled to the top of my most favorite artists list: Ghost!

I love them. I love them SO. MUCH.

Not but a few months after I started listening to them and loving their first album, Opus Eponymous, did their second album come out- Infestissumam! I love their sound overall, but what REALLY makes this band is their fabulous image. They have a strong theme and these fuckers run with it. No question, they are awesome! And not only are they awesome, but Tim and I were lucky enough to see them when they came to town! ZOMG! It was a shock that they would come to Tucson anyway, not to mention play at such a small venue (The Rialto) for such a cheap price ($19!) I nearly fainted when I found out! So, of course, we had to go all out for it!

First, I made shirts for both of us

 Front. Bleach stencils of ghost logos. I'm so pleased with how mine came out... except for that one side of the "O" that went all crazy... but ah well! Such is the nature of bleach!
Also, please notice the amazing Ghost rosary Tim got for me at the concert!!

And the back! I didn't cut up Tim's, but I thought it would look cool on mine :D and it DOES!
This stencil came out fucking beautifully- I could hardly have asked for anything better, honestly. Fuck yeah Papa Emeritus!

I made one very similar for the Tim monster, so we could wear em and match n be all cute!

Then, I had to do our makeup...

 Products Used
MAC Prep&Prime
Wet n Wild eyeshadow primer
Ben Nye white cream face paint
Ben Nye translucent setting powder
NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Black Bean
NYX lipliner pencil in Black Berry
Wet n Wild matte black shadow from the "Blue had me at hello" palette
Revlon liquid eyeliner in Black

Products Used:
MAC Prep&Prime
Coastal Scents under-eye brightener
Maybelline Dreammatte powder
Maybelline Great lash Mascara
WnW matte black eyeshadow
Persephone Minerals Sailor Mars eyeshadow "Mars Flame Sniper"
NYX white eyeliner pencil (for outlining)
Physician's Formula lash boosting serum eyeliner pen in Black [note: I KILLED this pen, halfway through doing my eyeliner stuff. Dead. Gone. I am really bummed about this because it's a kickass eyeliner and I had only BARELY used it. I'm really thinking hard about whether I want to get another.]
NYX lipliner pencil in Black Berry
MAC lipstick in Midnight Media

It took a few hours to get everything done, but I am very happy with how it all turned out. A couple people wanted to take pictures with us, too, which is always nice!

The show was kickass. Totally incredible, and we're both SO happy we had the chance to go!! Here's some video from the concert. Plenty of people were filming, so there are quite a few clips!

Ghost is the shit. I love them, and so should you!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

A few Cybergoth looks

Good morning, afternoon and evening!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I need to post more looks. Usually I feel like even when they look great, the photos are crap and I don't have the courage to share. But I need to get over that and just start posting them! So here are a couple looks that I've done for/with Cybergoth outfits. There will definitely be more, better ones in the future as I've gotten Tim into Cybergoth (muahahahahaaa!!) and have made a couple new pairs of cyberlox, as well as revamping my old ones a lot! So do look forward to more.

 First- nothing too exciting, this is just Aromaleigh Teenagekicks (neon, matte pink) applied wet with some black eyeliner and mascara. But I thought it was a cute picture and I fucked around with it in GIMP a bit, so here you go!

 And one little, simple look from a Sanctuary event in November (2012)
I wore this look with a pair of caution tape falls that I worked up earlier in the day, and it looked awesome!

 For this, I used UDPP as usual, with a bunch of Glamour Doll Eyes Disco White patted onto the lid.
I used TKB Noble Silver Sparks all over everything else, and lined my eye with Maybelline Ultra Liner in black, and added some of NYX's Glam Liner in the color Glam platinum for some extra accent.

 I also drew on a teeny tiny circuit thinger! Hooray!

 And here I am with my caution tape falls! They were super, ridiculously simple to make. I may do a little how-to on these if I feel up to it!

And here's my lovely mother on the left, my bestie Miasma in the middle and myself on the right!

And BONUS! Here's a little somethin from Industrial Bowling in December. Tim is so cute! ZOMG!

Aaaaand of course, Miasma and I. She's so awesome! 

Also, did you notice my eyebrows are purple and pink here? I've been doing them crazy colors lately, which I will certainly be posting about soon!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!